EntryScape Catalog, the best DCAT-AP solution around, is now available in a free version replacing the simpler DCAT-AP Manager.

We are now launching a free version of EntryScape Catalog where you can test and evaluate the product as well as learn how to describe your data with DCAT-AP. Discover the data management workflow and a much improved user interface.

It only takes a minute to get going: go to free.entryscape.com and choose “Create account”. After filling out the registration form you will receive an email to confirm your registration. Follow the link and sign in and you are ready to start using EntryScape Catalog Free.


We have previously published a screencast with an EntryScape Catalog walkthrough. Have a look at it to get a feeling for how easily data catalogs are managed using EntryScape Catalog.

There are more features to discover, like Dataset candidates and Results. (These are not part of the screencast, but part of EntryScape Catalog Free.)

With our commercial offerings you will also be able to use EntryScape Catalog’s more advanced features such as automatic creation of APIs and integration into your CMS. We will tell you more about this later.

We hope you will like it!