We envision a “Web of Data” with low barriers
for anyone to use and contribute to

The EntryScape information management platform provided by MetaSolutions.

MetaSolutions delivers solutions for sustainable information management. Being a company in the technical forefront products are based on the architecture of the web and designed to meet international standards.
We help organisations across Europe to publish Open Data, set up data portals and to build tailor made solutions based on Linked data. With EntryScape we offer a flexible and user-friendly cloud platform based on Open Source and Linked Data technology.
MetaSolutions was founded in 2011 as a spin-off from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The technology base in the company comes from research in Linked Data and products are build on Open Source. The founders of the company have played an active role within the Linked Data and Open Data societies.
MetaSolutions is part of the STING network

Meet the MetaSolutions Team

The Management Team

Hannes Ebner

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

Hannes is responsible for product strategy and development at MetaSolutions. From working with a wide range of integration projects and clients, he is an expert in understanding customer needs and delivering high quality products and solutions. Hannes co-founded MetaSolutions together with Matthias in 2011.
Contact hannes at metasolutions.se.


Matthias Palmér 

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Heading the development team at MetaSolutions Mattias is an expert at evaluating new technologies and bringing them into the Metasolutions technology stack. Matthias co-founded MetaSolutions together with Hannes in 2011.
Contact matthias at metasolutions.se.

Eric Hjelmestam

Chief Executive Officer

In his role as CEO Eric drives sales and business development with a strong focus on customers and strategic partnerships. With over fifteen years of international experience from the ICT sector, including Ericsson and Tilgin, he has an extensive experience from working with innovations and new ventures.
Contact eric at metasolutions.se.