Enrich your website with Blocks

EntryScape Blocks makes all information in EntryScape easily searchable on your existing website. Adapt and customize to your organization’s need of information about dataset or digital assets of other kind.

Build or adapt templates

The website is in many case an organization’s most important tool to reach out with information. With EntryScape Blocks you can visualize information automatically on your website.

Our solution consists of a number for building blocks for search, facets and information panels. Put them together to display what you want on you website.

Blocks is based on a lightweight script solution that is easily integrated with you website. All editorial work can be done the same way as today but with EntryScape you can leave data management to your data specialists.

This is how the Public art agency uses Blocks on their website.

PSI data page

Blocks help you to establish and display datasets on your website and external data portals since they come from the same source.

Data portal

Use Blocks to enhance your website. You can style, edit and develop the portal in what ever way you want. All data is explored using Blocks, no portal specialist needed.

Digital assets

Have you any other data types? No worries! Blocks support presentation of pictures and maps. Create a configuration and let your data speak for itself.

We help you to get going with pusblishing and to set the process for working with opn data. Contact us and we together detail a plan to make it happen.