Take complete control of your information.

We help you collect, manage and visualize your data. Become data driven – today.

A smarter way to publish open data
A smarter way to publish open data

Take complete control of your information.

We help you collect, manage and visualize your data. Become data driven – today.

Values and benefits

  • 100% compliant with GDPR and Schrems II.
  • Full transparency and cross-check with data portal.
  • Make data searchable, accessible and reusable within teams, to departments, organizations and the public.

The ultimate information workflow

Our complete collection of information management modules will help you take full control of all your data and information. Read more about each module below.


Regardless of your needs, EntryScape has the components you need for a modern information management process, from classifying information, describing datasets, concepts and other entities. Tailored profiles and forms for your metadataprofiles.


All structured information can be aggregated to make out a larger set of data. To aggregate large amounts of data you need support for harvesting, validation and user management.


Well structured information benefits from good search and nice presentations. Faceted search for your metadata, visualizations of your data and blended media assets is all supported.

What is EntryScape?

There’s not better way to experience the benefits of EntryScape than to see it with your own eyes.

Book a free demo and let us show you how EntryScape can transform your organization.

EntryScape builds on the linked data technology stack and therefore supports



Refine data information to make it searchable, accessible, interoperable and reusable for the right person at the right time.


The right document should be able to be found when you need it. With EntryScape, you make documents searchable, linkable and usable.


As experts on open standards for the semantic web we provide your organization with strategic advice and educational efforts.


Collect and quality-assure data with a fully automated process. Create a place to explore, search, link, download and use data for reuse.

MetaSolutions have been absolutely vital to us with their domain knowledge of open
data. When we’ve needed help, they responded quickly and accurately,

Patrik Fälth, Kronofogden

EntryScape has been incredibly easy to work with. When we upload datasets to
EntryScape we can also create new APIs for our data.

Marcus Mohlin, Lidingö Stad
The more people who can benefit from our data, the better. With open data and Entryscape, we hope to provide better insight into our operations and a greater opportunity for our citizens to influence.
Klara Århem, Helsingborg
västra götaland

Open data will lead to new services for the citizens and new work opportunities.

Tore Johnsson, Västra Götalandsregionen
John Wallén, Linköping municipality

Customer cases

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