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A smart way to
publish open data.

With EntryScape you’re in complete control of your data. Built on the latest technology and with lifecycle support for data management.

What is open data?

Open data is data that anyone can access, use and share. In addition to increased transparency, open data has the power to transform and improve the interaction between the public sector, companies and citizens.

By using EntryScape, your organization can take control of your open data and at the same time improve your services and create greater public welfare.


Why MetaSolutions?

Market leaders

Our market-leading solution for open data is unique in using standards for Linked data and DCAT-AP.

Your partner

MetaSolutions is a long-term partner that helps you with both strategic advice as well as state of the art products.

Data portal

EntryScape helps you and your organization to, 100% hassle-free, publish data complying to standards on any Data Portal.


We take great responsibility for open data and its development and are a driving force behind new DCAT-AP standards.

Open source

The EntryScape platform is built on open source with maximum use of standards. You will not be locked in by propritary software.


A customer of EntryScape is the European Union, who has written the standard DCAT-AP.

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