EntryScape Registry

A portal owner’s best friend

Zero touch provision & instant data validation

Handling many publishing organizations is easy. EntryScape Registry makes administration practically go away and also allows you to decide how high the bar for data quality shall be set. Validation is automated and the data owner gets instant feedback to take corrective actions on.

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Pre-register or allow self-registration

Pre-registeration: Bulk provision users for data-owning organizations

Self-registration: New users can self-register to publish data

Daily reports: Status overview of all harvesting and other sources

Validation tool

Validation of published data: Data-owners get instant feedback for their DCAT-AP

Improvement guide: Click-through guide for identifying areas of improvement

Adaptable: Work with local flavours of DCAT-AP to provide missing mandatory and recommended fields as well as warnings of deprecated fields.

Harvest data catalogs

Harvesting of: DCAT-AP files, CKAN API and INSPIRE sources via the CSW protocol

Additional endpoints: Developed as ETL-scripts

Scheduled harvesting: Harvest all datacatalogs on a predefined time-schedule

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Total solution

To quickly create an end-to-end solution where you provide an easy way for data owners to start publishing data. You can use a shared EntryScape Catalog together with Registry, then use EntryScape Blocks to build a data portal on a standard CMS.

EntryScape Catalog

EntryScape Registry


EntryScape är en öppen källkodsplattform för informationshantering, byggd på Länkad Data teknologi.