Increased data quality with Registry.

Ensure a high quality of your datasets with Registry. It’s never been easier to collect and manage data from other organizations.

Visualisera din data med entryscape blocks

What is Registry?

An important factor when it comes to publishing open data is data quality management. Large amounts of data often mean lower quality. At least until now.

Entryscape Registry is the portal owner’s best friend. You can easily manage data sources as well as harvest and converting between metadata standards.

Visualisera din data på din egna hemsida med blocks

High data quality

With built-in support for automatic validation, EntryScape Registry can ensure high quality on data.

Self service

We’ve created EntryScape Registry so you can spend less time on user management. Self-service is supported.

Blocks + Registry

Combine Registry and Blocks to create your perosnal data portal on the website you dant. Visually appealing.

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Self administration

Data validation with user feedback

Harvesting of DCAT-AP, Inspire and CKAN

Status reports and dataset search

Option to use with shared Catalog

Registry and Portal


Features in “Registry” included

Data portal based on any CMS

Faceted search blocks

Metadata view blocks

Advanced statistics blocks

WordPress support option