EntryScape Registry – a portal owner’s best friend

The most effective way to gather metadata from organizations that provide DCAT-AP or other structured metadata. Registry can, together with Blocks, create a uniquely designed data portal on a standard website.

100% self-service

One important factor when it comes to open data is the management of both publishers and data quality.

Registry has built-in support for data validation to secure high data quality. A validation report is ready as soon as metadata is updated.

Combine Registry and Blocks to create a unique data portal, so you can focus on the data community and outreach.


  • Bulk-provision: Give all organizations a user.
  • Self-registering: Allow anyone to sign up and start publishing.
  • Status reports: Get an instant overview.

Data validation

  • Validation: A direct feedback of DCAT-AP metadata quality.
  • Improvement guide: Navigate and get suggestions on improvements.
  • Guides: Test metadata before first publishing and user guides to get going.

Data portal

  • Designs: An own design with Blocks embedded data search on any CMS.
  • Search: A rich facetted search of data and easy exploring.
  • Statistics: Data statistics presented in graphs.

We can help you from the implementing you country adaptation of DCAT-AP to a complete portal. We have done this before, contact us the we tell you how.

Complete solutions for open data

To quickly create a solutions from publishing, validation and display of data, EntryScape offers a complete and integrated alternative.

Use Catalog in a shared environment, Registry for data validation and Blocks for the data portal you can very quickly launch a new solution.

Contact us and we can discuss your needs and alternatives.