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Open Data for data owners and publishers

Why publish your data as Open Data?

Publishing Open Data has many benefits for your organisation:

      • Creates self service handling of citizens request for public information – cutting administration costs
      • Give developers access to data – opening up for new business ventures and new services means growth
      • Fulfill the PSI regulations – the regulation will force publishing of Open Data, being proactive saves future workload

So how to make this a part of your daily work and not a costly side activity?
We believe we have the answer.

Key benefits

  • Training & first dataset published in
    < 8 hours
  • 50% lower life cycle costs vs. in-house solutions
  • Data lifecycle support

Open Data for data aggregators

How to increase findability of data?

Making it easy to find your data is fundamental. So is providing high quality of data:

      • Establish a platform where searching and exploring of data is easy – attract many publishers
      • Put quality before volume – only accept high quality data descriptions to make users loyal
      • Blend the data presentation – foster interaction with users and share stories and more

We are developing a solution to help you achieve all this.
Get in touch and benefit from a pre-lauch demo.

Key benefits

  • Zero touch administration to handle many publishers
  • Automated meta data quality check
  • No specialists needed, built on standard webb platforms

 Solutions for data management

We deliver solutions for sustainable information management, assisting you through the entire life-cycle of data.

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