We put our main focus in 4 areas

When we engage in dialogue with organisations and authorities, it is primarily in two areas: open data and spatial data. We help these customers by offering our digital data management solutions and by providing training through our courses and seminars.


Open data

Open data is usually defined as data that anyone can access, use and share. Open data helps to create transparency and also to strengthen the exchange of information between the public sector, organisations and citizens. Our open data solution helps you.

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Geodata has many uses for a business and society. Some well-known examples of uses are maps, route planning and logistics. Our geodata solution puts you on the map.

Our services

Our services facilitate the management of data in your business. We offer tools for collecting, structuring, publishing and visualising your data. Our EntryScape service is the market’s sharpest information management platform.

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Our courses

Learn the basics or deepen your knowledge and skills in open and linked data. We provide both strategic and technical training for those who want to do successful work with open data.

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