Enrich your information with EntryScape Terms

An intuitive tool for handling reusable terminologies according to the SKOS standard. Get structure on your datasets with just a few button presses.

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Why do you need EntryScape Terms?

Everyone in your organization should be able to trust and use data. Without common vocabularies, it’s not uncommon for data to be duplicated and recreated simply because of mistrust.

EntryScape Terms offer an intuitive tool for managing terminologies. Easy to use and built for web interoperability. With common vocabulary, the value of your data increases.

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Smooth management

Hassle-free administration and management. Importing and exporting vocabulary has never been easier.

SKOS standard

Create new terminologies, or build on existing ones, intended for reuse according to the SKOS standard.

Seamless integration

Reinforce your work in Catalog with Terms. Of course, it works seamlessly with other modules from EntryScape.

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Open webinar for user training

Up to 2 terminologies and 50 terms in SKOS format

One user and one group


€470 / month

Features in “Free” included

Onboarding with user training

Up to 10 terminologies and unlimited terms in SKOS format

Unlimited number of users and groups

Support for SKOS import & export

Support option basic



Features in “Small” included

Unlimited terminologies and unlimited terms in SKOS format

Support for SKOS-XL

Advanced API for integration

Import of formats other than SKOS, e.g. TBX