EntryScape Terms – interoperable and easy-to-use

terminology management on the web

Enhance your information management with EntryScape Terms

EntryScape Terms provides you with a user-friendly tool to implement and work with terminologies. Using a common vocabulary for metadata will make it easy to connect, relate and classify all content in your data catalog, on your web and elsewhere. It is an important step in creating consistency and interoperability in your data management processes.

Reusable terminologies for your organisation

  • Manage terminologies that are specific to your organisation
  • Define your own terms or import and reuse established terminologies
  • Take advantage of a user-friendly and collaborative web interface


Moduler extensions of the EntryScape system

Integrated with EntryScape Catalog and Workbench

  • Use custom terminologies together with DCAT-AP in EntryScape Catalog
  • Annotate entities with your own terms in EntryScape Workbench
  • Build search interfaces on your web site using the EntryScape API
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Use EntryScape Terms to build interoperable solutions

  • Provides native support for the W3C recommendation SKOS
  • Produces reusable terminologies using the Linked Data technology stack
  • Import and export through web interface and API

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EntryScape is an Open Source based information management platform built on Linked Data technology.