Enrich your information with Terms

EntryScape Terms offers an intuitive tool to handle reusable terminologies. Easy to use and built to be interoperable with the website.

Reusable terminologies

Everyone in your organization shall be able to trust and use data. Without common vocabularies connected to data and information this has proven to be hard. Due to this distrust it is common that data is duplicated and recreated again.

EntryScape Terms allows you to easily maintain and refer to your terms from other systems, for example your website.

With interoperability in your information management your data becomes more valuable. Common vocabulary is central.

Integrated with Catalog

EntryScape Terms works seamless with other EntryScape products. Enrich your data in Catalog with your own terms.

Terms is interoperable

Terms is built on SKOS standard and allow reuse of established standards based on linked data.

Reuse and create

Use existing vocabularies to get started. Later on you can complement with your own terms. Easy to import and export.

It is neither hard or expensive to start. You can test your self by signing up to our Free installation. In a few minuits you can import, create and make collections of terms.