Link your data with Workbench.

Shared joy is the double amount of joy. Unleash the power of linked data with Workbench. Simple, agile and seamlessly integrated with other modules.


What is Workbench?

Open data makes it natural to make a move forward after you have published data. Make it linked too.

Workbench enables your organisation to implement any information model as linked data. The beauty is that you both save time and can share your data.

Visualisera din data på din egna hemsida med blocks

Unique models

Take your data and link it to concepts the way you want it and the way the web understands it.

Unique descriptions

Workbench makes it easy to create specific metadata profiles to describe your entities in a standardised way.

Save time

With Workbench collections, you can automatically publish to the web, saving you time.

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