Map your data sets with Models.

Do you need to structure large amounts of data, but lack a plan? Maybe you are in the process of building a database, a data portal or are in need of a data structure solution for your organisation?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! Let us explain why the answer lies in Models.

Good data management starts with an overview.

Models is a tool for modeling data. In other words, a tool that creates the blueprint for structured data collection, for example in a database or data portal.

The strength of Models lies in the fact that the tool is compliant with all the requirements and standards that come from the EU. A data model developed with the help of Models will therefore not only be well structured, but will also be in line with international standards.

Structured collection of linked data sets!

What is your data?

Models creates a map of your data sets and structures how they should best relate to each other. This results in a linked data structure.

How is the data related?

Models provides a framework for your data model, data portal or database. Before you know it, you will have laid the foundation for structured data collection!

Do you need to structure your data with DCAT-AP?

Don’t worry! Models can always refer to the latest version of DCAT-AP.

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