Easy data publishing for any DCAT-AP country flavour

EntryScape Catalog ensure a smooth work process for data that follows the DCAT-AP standard. Create your own PSI lists and publish open data with high quality.

Simplified process

With EntryScape Catalog your organisation gets access to the most user-friendly tool for preparing, publishing and maintaining data. Use it for open and internal data.

With the built-in checklist and support for collaboration with comments and notes there is a complete process that makes publish and maintenance an easy task.

We make it simple to do get started and offer the tools and the knowledge your organization needs. EntryScape Catalog can also be used as a shared service. Contact us and we tell you how.

Before you publish open data you need to make a choice build your own solution or use a cloud based one? Don’t miss out on our White Paper where we compare methods and alternatives for getting started with open data.

Preparation of open data

Sometimes it all begins with a simple question from a citizen to use data.

EntryScape Catalog supports you step-by-step to sort out the feasibility of answering the request with an actual open dataset. You get a controlled process.


With a collaborative approach and checklists you can investigate if a dataset can be made into open data.

No more spreadsheets on the side or documents with guides and notes. Move into Catalog and make the work smoother. It has never been easier to classify open data.

Easy publishing

One decision point for all your publishing, no manual site-per-site handling. EntryScape Catalog gives you an integrated solution where the data owner is in control.


EntryScape Catalog allows you to store any type of data and make it easily accessible. In the case of tabular data you can create API:s automatically. Developers love it!

Show your data

Make you datasets easier to understand. For example, exploration of tabular data and using Blocks to generate an updated website.

It is neither hard or expensive to start the open data work. You can test your self by signing up to our Free installation. In a few minuits you can investigate, publish and view you data.

Based on open standards

EntryScape Catalog is built on the W3C-recommendation DCAT and supports a number of regional adaptions to the standard that the EU Commission have set, DCAT-AP. Aside of that Geo-DCAT and Stat-DCAT together with multiple language forms.

Talk to us about your local DCAT-AP adaptation.