EntryScape Catalog – data publishing made easy

Fast and flexible metadata tool fully compliant with EU DCAT-standards

Optimize your data publishing process with the EntryScape Catalog workflow

EntryScape Catalog provides your organisation with an user-friendly tool to easily manage, publish and share your Open Data. It is unique in the way it supports data investigation with collaborative checklists and comments. Depending on your needs we assist you in the set up of the data management process. Your service could be up and running in a few minutes time.

EntryScape Catalog workflow

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“To get the most value from your Open Data, cloud vs. in house solutions”

Deciding whats best for your organisation.

Assess dataset candidates 

  • Checklists for data: Evaluation of candidates using a checklist, standardized or custom built
  • Collaborate: Cooperate in teams using comments on datasets
  • Progress bar: Quick overview to see readiness of new datasets
  • Upgrade: Decide when you would like to turn the candidate into a public dataset
Datasets in catalog

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Fast and flexible metadata editor

  • Fully compliant with latest EU DCAT-AP standards
  • Easily adaptable to national and topical standards: GeoDCAT, StatDCAT, DCAT-AP-“national” and more.
  • Predefined forms facilitates for new editors and helps creating good descriptions
  • Term plugin – refer to a set of terms you choose across your organisation, read more on EntryScape Terms

Supporting open standards and multilingual metadata forms

EntryScape Catalog is based on the W3C recommendation DCAT and supports a range of regional, national and topical variations such as the European Commission’s DCAT-AP standards. It also supports GeoDCAT-AP, StatDCAT-AP and multilingual forms.

Sweden: DCAT-AP SE

Norway: DCAT-AP NO

Denmark: DCAT-AP DK

Germany: DCAT-AP.DE


 Hosting of data and API generation

  • Data without a home can be hosted, works for all types of data
  • Generate API´s from tabular data in a single click

Publish on external portals and existing websites

  • Controlled publishing of datasets
  • Support for integrating an dataset overview on your web
  • Organization-specific portal for presenting datasets
  • Automatic updates to national and European portals

Maintain and ensure high quality of data

The EntryScape Catalog also supports your data maintenance activities. It is easy to update your datasets or distributions.

Provided in the cloud – ready to use in day one

  • Fast and easy editing tool with full standards support
  • Easy to create high quality data
  • Lowest cost of ownership

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Organisations across Europe rely on the EntryScape platform

EntryScape är en öppen källkodsplattform för informationshantering, byggd på Länkad Data teknologi.