Get going with Open Data in just one workday with a solution that covers your future information management needs.

Manage PSI and Open Data in one single process

EntryScape offers an integrated solution for working with PSI & Open Data.
Describe all your datasets in one common way.
Select if listed data should be made public or only available for internal purpose.
PSI lists and Open Data in the same location – save time and efforts.
There is no more need for running parallel processes for managing open and “closed” data.

The Public Sector Information act, PSI requires public organisations to provide a list of all available information and data. Part of this list will be Open Data, but some data may also be restricted for use.

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“To get the most value from your Open Data, cloud vs in house solutions”

Deciding whats best for your organisation.

We help you manage the whole data life cycle

Maintaining data demands a strategic process, in the same way managing a web or social media does. The data management process includes three main phases, investigation, preparation and maintenance. We have integrated the data management workflow into our application.
Tailored checklists will help you to evaluate dataset candidates. It also supports collaboration were comments and discussions, on internal and external data, are enabled at key decision points, such as when you start to prepare and publish data.

Reused data is valuable data

The intent with Open Data is the reuse of data. Data not being used provides less value. When searching for data in todays extensive landscape of data, only data well described and in suitable formats will be found and selected.
Publishing your data within the EntryScape catalog you can increase the findability of data.
Learn more about our data publishing tool here

Cutting data life cycle cost

If you want to take control of your cost for handling data, starting manually may look attractive at first, but will quickly become a costly approach. Our solutions are designed with the aim to cut at least 50% of your alternative cost, from startup to maintenance. With the EntryScape platform you can easily get started. It doesn´t have to be difficult, time consuming or require IT-development projects

Case: City of Gothenburg

Download the case study “City of Gothenburg – Open Data from plan to action”.
After only one day’s work, they went to publication.The case is available also in Swedish.