Make data valuable

Refine information about data to make it searchable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

Let data create value

Gain insights and enable decisions based on facts. Streamline work processes and minimize manual processing of information. All data in your organization should be discoverable, explorable and usable – for your benefit and value.

Open and shared data

Simple and seamless – whether your data is to be displayed on a website, intranet or dataportal, you use and work within the same process.


Built-in collaboration support with checklists and suggestions gives you a complete control from proposal with information classification to publishing and displaying data.


Geographic data with a custom profile. The process of updating is automated with an integration to existing GIS systems. Insights and usage are supported with map visualization.


The only solution with full support for the required metadata standards DCAT-AP 2.0 and INSPIRE. Based on linked data standards.


Visualize data in an understandable, simple way and inspire further use. As part of the workflow, a visualisation can be added to a chart or map.

API and integration

Via the API, various integrations can be made. For example, scheduled updates of the data you share. Have the content automatically presented on your web.

What’s in it for you and your organization?


  • Create total searchability of organizational information

  • Automate information flows from external systems

  • Remove manual work on common requests

  • Self-service for employees and external stakeholders


  • Organizing data according to standards for the Semantic Web

  • Machine-readable information enables innovation and business benefits

  • Open source discourages lock-in and allows you to move whenever you want


  • Transparency towards owners, customers and citizens

  • Data-driven decisions contribute to sustainable development and efficient allocation of resources

  • Simplify communication to decision-makers, customers, politicians and the media


  • Share data to internal or external recipients according to FAIR-principles

  • Contribute to open science and present data to the world’s researchers

  • Share data how you want, to whom, how and when you want

  • Link and refer to data in applications developed

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Alex Forsberg

Consultant and Project Manager

Works with business development and projects at MetaSolutions. Obsessed on all news and things related to open data and geodata.

Eric Hjelmestam


Drives business development and sales at MetaSolutions with a focus on customers and strategic partnerships.

Mattias Axell

Head of Learning and Development

Leads training initiatives, consulting and projects at MetaSolutions. Breathing open data and geodata since 2014.