Make your documents searchable, linked and usable.

The right document should be easy to find when you need it without having to wait. There are many ways to manage documents and records, but only one solution that makes them truly useful. With metadata in EntryScape you make documents and records searchable, linkable and usable.


More value with less effort

With EntryScape, you can manage, describe and publish documents in an industry-leading way using metadata standards. Integrating with other document and non-document systems is easy. Simplify access to shared documents internally and externally. Regardless of system or application, users can quickly find your documents and create value for your business or stakeholders.



Describe documents when they are published or import entire collections from APIs and work consistently accordingly.

Tailored metadata

With EntryScape you can tailor your need of information, usee a standard or adapt one your self.

Search on your web

Use metadata to improve searchability. Reusability with a self service portal on your website.

Machine readable

Generate knowledge graphs for your documents. Publish your collections in RDF/XML or JSON-LD formats.


The information chain can be automated for all your documents. Collecting documents from others is easy with correct metadata.

Complete overview

Go beyond describing your documents. Start to link them with datasets, terminologies and other information al in one knowledge grapgh.

Benefits for your organisation

Internal efficiency

  • Find the right document fast

  • Import documents in bulk from external system

  • Re use templates for metadata

  • Allow external users can access your collections via API

User interface

  • Accessibility according to WCAG 2.1

  • Easy and strict workflow

  • Role based

  • Publish instantly on your webb

Metadata profile

  • Use a national standard

  • Strict or open descriptions

  • Add templates for metadata

  • Adapt a profile to your needs


  • Import a collection with a script

  • Combine with a existing solution

  • Allow harvesting by external portals

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Alex Forsberg

Business developer

Business development and advice. Helps you with metadata, open data and geodata.

Eric Hjelmestam

Eric Hjelmestam

Chief Commercial Officer

Drives business development with focus on new markets and strategic partnership.

Mattias Axell

Strategic advice

Runs advice and training at MetaSolutions. Defines and runs customer project.