Collect and assure quality of data with a fully automated process. Establish a place to explore, search, link, and download data for re-use.


Next generation dataportal

A semantic data portal accomplishes much more than just presenting data. With linked data, concepts, specifications, use cases and ideas become searchable in one place. Interact with users through forums and let users suggest new datasets.

Self Service

Let all the stakeholders you want expose their data themselves without the need for work from you.


Our solution gives you control over the design, searches and visualisations of everything on the web you choose.


When data is collected, you get an instant overview with validation and statistics. A problem is immediately visible and can be addressed immediately.


Full support for open data according to the European standard DCAT-AP and geodata according to INSPIRE. Load and map information easily.


A modern data portal supports publishers by linking to specifications on data delivery. These can be loaded, harvested or published centrally according to PROF.


With terms and concepts, data becomes more valuable. Our solution supports terminologies that can be shared just like datasets – linked and ready!

Why does this benefit you and your organisation?


  • Self-administration and notification to data owners
  • Technical separation of collection and presentation

  • Reusable templates for loading different data sources

  • Dashboard for insights and administration


  • Customized dataportal on your web

  • Visualisations directly in the portal

  • Datasets

  • Terminologies

  • Specifications

  • Accessibility according to WCAG 2.1


  • INSPIRE data according to ISO/TS 19139

  • Open data according to DCAT-AP

  • Terminologies according to SKOS

  • Specifications according to PROF

  • Custom mappings from other formats (e.g. SDMX, PX-Web, FGDC CSDGM)


  • Harvesting of external terminologies

  • Harvesting of external portals for specifications

  • User forum for support and community around usage

  • Harvesting of external portals with DCAT-AP and CSW

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Alex Forsberg

Consultant and Project Manager

Works with business development and projects at MetaSolutions.

Eric Hjelmestam

Eric Hjelmestam

Chief Commercial Officer

Drives business development and sales at MetaSolutions with a focus on customers and strategic partnerships.

Mattias Axell

Trainer and Strategic Advisor

Leads training initiatives, consulting and projects at MetaSolutions. Breathing open data and geodata since 2014.