In this update of EntryScape there is now support for managing data, documents and resources with more and different URIs than e.g. HTTP. The Workbench gets a new and improved look in line with the rest of EntryScape which also shows how much EntryScape really loves relationships and linking between entities! At the same time, it’s a level up for EntryScape Terms which now updates correctly for your collections based on source terminologies!

As EntryScape continues to grow and evolve, lead developers MetaSolutions tell us more about its development. Here is an update on what has happened:

New design of the EntryScape Workbench

With this release, EntryScape Workbench gets a refreshed and improved look that is in line with other EntryScape modules and the design language. Now configured device types become part of the secondary navigation and the Workbench gets the same nice overview view that also Catalog and Terms have for a long time. The uniformity and consistent design now makes it easier to get into the swing of things with EntryScape!

EntryScape Workbench shows that it loves relationships

EntryScape loves to enable linked data and relationships between people, information and data. With the new version of EntryScape, the relationships between subtypes, accessible only through the parent entity, and related types, accessible both through the parent entity and independently, become clearer. Now relationships between information resources and entities are clearer!

Support for multiple different URIs for file schemes

It is not always possible for users to access data and resources in systems with HTTP links, which has hindered some users in their handling of metadata with EntryScape. Therefore, support for more different URIs for file schemas is now available. This needs to be configured in EntryScape per instance and is currently not available by default. This improvement makes a lot of difference for those who work with a shared storage area internally in, for example, network-based.

See the name of the uploaded file when replacing a file

Details are important and working in the dark is difficult. Now users can finally see the name of the uploaded file in the file replacement dialog box. No more working blind when managing files. Now everyone can see the light and replace easier and better.

EntryScape Terms fixes updates of collections of source terminologies

Now EntryScape Terms can finally fix collections around source terminologies that are not updated correctly sometimes after switching concepts. This improves when switching concepts and dealing with source terminologies. Updates now happen as they should. Right is right!

Try the latest version on EntryScape Free

You can test the new version for free on EntryScape Free with EntryScape Catalog and EntryScape Terms!


Open source for open development

For those who want to dig into the details, you can read more about all the issues with news, bug fixes, changes and more in the release on our open project management and source code hosted at Bitbucket.

You can read more about EntryScape Free on our website and test it for free. A changelog with everything that is new can be read here. For those who are interested in issues including bug fixes related to this version of EntryScape, you can read here.

About EntryScape

EntryScape is an open software for smart information management such as metadata, open data, shared data, internal data and geodata. EntryScape is open source. Since 2014, EntryScape has evolved to become the market-leading solution for managing metadata, open data, geodata and shared data in Sweden.