A sustainable information management platform.

 Providing a workflow for modern data management.


Open Standards

At the forefront in the development of standards

Linked Data

Experts in next generation web based technologies

Open Source

No lock-in in old systems

Why us?

You are looking for a fast and easy way to get started with Open Data
You are transforming a central data management process and want to use Linked Data as master data
You need ways to manage and reuse terminologies on the web
We help you with this and more…


Our solutions

Terminology management

Use terms and semantic web to improve search and cross system interoperabillity

Linked Data management

Make your data collaborative and reusable with the full power of Linked Data

We envision a world where all data are linked together – a “Web of Data”

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From data portals to web embeddings

Up to now the main focus of EntryScape has been to act as an information management system helping organisations handle their information internally, developing user friendly interfaces for working with data catalogs and terminologies. Due to the flexibility of...

Summer time

We send our greetings with hope for a warm and relaxing summer! We are proud to have been given the trust from several new Open Data customers this spring, both national frameworks and individual organizations. We thank you for the trust in us and EntryScape! We have...


Organisations across Europe rely on EntryScape

EntryScape is an Open Source-based information management platform, built on the Linked Data technology stack.

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