EntryScape is an open source software for smart information management. Since 2014, EntryScape has evolved to become the market-leading solution for metadata, open data and shared data in Sweden. As EntryScape grows, new updates are regularly released. Here we describe the improvements with the latest version.

An explorer for linked data
The introduction of a linked data browser in the EntryScape Catalog makes it much easier to explore linked data. By visualizing relationships between different data sources, users can easily navigate and discover new or related entities. The reader provides an intuitive interface to filter and search for specific entities – making it more efficient to find relevant information. This provides better understanding of complex data sets and facilitates analysis and decision-making.

Overview views in almost the entire application
EntryScape 3.11 introduces overview views that replace three-point menus in most parts of the application. This change significantly simplifies the user experience by providing a direct overview of available features and options. The overview views present relevant documents and information in an intuitive and accessible way, making it easier to navigate and perform tasks. Users no longer have to dig through three-point menus to find what they are looking for, saving time and frustration. EntryScape’s new overview views greatly improve the ease of use and efficiency of the application.

More snackbar popups to inform the user about activities
EntryScape 3.11 introduces an increased use of “snack bars” to inform the user of ongoing activities and status updates. These small, floating notifications appear at the bottom of the screen and give the user an immediate overview without disrupting the workflow. Snackbars are used to confirm actions, show progress in processes and provide feedback on completed actions. Using snack bars improves the user experience by providing clear and immediate information about the status of the application.

The ability to select visible rows in the table view

EntryScape 3.11 introduces a new feature that allows the user to choose how many rows are displayed in the table view. This gives the user more control over their workspace and makes it possible to optimize the display for different needs. The user can easily choose to display more or less rows depending on the level of detail they require. This new feature provides a more flexible and customizable user experience in EntryScape.

Support for DWG and DXF as geographic media types

EntryScape now supports DWG and DXF as geographic media types, making it easier to manage and visualize geodata. This new feature allows users to upload and store DWG and DXF files in EntryScape. This functionality provides a more comprehensive solution for managing geodata in EntryScape and makes it a valuable tool for users working with DWG and DXF files.

Try the latest version on EntryScape Free

You can test the new version for free on EntryScape Free with EntryScape Catalog and EntryScape Terms!


Open development for open data

For those who want to dig into the details, you can read more about all the issues with news, bug fixes, changes and more in the release on our open project management and source code hosted at Bitbucket.

On our website you can read more about EntryScape Free and test it for free. A changelog with everything that is new can be read here. For those who are interested in issues including bug fixes related to this version of EntryScape, you can read here.