Our colleague and co-founder Hannes Ebner participated in the working group on metadata for Open Government Data in Austria. As an author together with Gregor Eibl (Danube University Krems), Brigitte Lutz (Stadt Wien), Manfred Mittlböck (Research Studios Austria Forschungs-gesellschaft mbH), Michael Reichart (Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH) and with contributions from multiple other actors they developed a new version of the Austrian Open Government Data metadata specification with a special focus on providing a mapping to DCAT-AP.

“The result includes a mapping of the Austrian metadata standard for describing Open Data to DCAT-AP. This is an intermediate step towards a possible Austrian adaptation of native DCAT-AP”, says Dr. Hannes Ebner, co-founder of MetaSolutions.

Read more about this at: https://go.gv.at/ogdmetae