EntryScape is the open source software for smart information management. Since 2014, EntryScape has evolved to become the market leading solution for metadata, open data and shared data in Sweden and as EntryScape grows, new updates are released with improvements. Below are some improvements with the new version of EntryScape. As EntryScape continues to grow and evolve, the main developers MetaSolutions tell us more about how it is developing. Here is an update on what has happened.

Support for communicating High-Value Datasets under the new EU implementing act
In line with the EU’s new mandatory regulations, an implementing act, EntryScape is now the first tool on the market to support the labeling of shared data sets as a High-Value Dataset. This makes it easier for municipalities, regions and authorities to show that they have shared data according to this new implementing act.

Require existing password when changing to a new one
Nobody likes it when unauthorized people access your account with your username and password. Especially when unauthorized people change your password. Nobody likes being locked out. This is why EntryScape is now even more secure. A user is now required to enter the current password in order to set a new password. So no more password wrangling among colleagues at work. This can make your security and your work environment better!

Preserving new rows in overview and preview description
Respect is important. This is why EntryScape has now started to respect new lines added to outline descriptions. This is also preserved when previewing. As open source, EntryScape generally enables respecting the user with the modified golden rule: Treat others as they want to be treated.

User change dates are now updated more frequently

Life is now easier for administrators on an EntryScape instance. This enhancement allows administrators to see who changed their username or password and when they did so.

Edit button now available directly on entity list

Editing faster and easier is new for users working in EntryScape Workbench. It will now be super easy to quickly make a change to an entity. Fewer clicks to perform your task as a user increases user-friendliness.

Introducing the Linked Data Explorer in Workbench

EntryScape now introduces an explorer for linked data. This creates a more convenient way for the user to browse through entities and, because it is linked data, it also enables browsing of the entities’ relationships.

Checkmarks for web pages and datasets are now always checked when collecting data.

The check mark shows whether your data providers follow recommendations for subpages on web pages, such as /psidata for open data, /statistics for statistical data, /a11y for accessibility reporting, /csrd for sustainability data or /gdpr for GDPR purposes This improves the collection of data from authorities, regions, municipalities, companies or associations.

Try the latest version on EntryScape Free

You can test the new version for free on EntryScape Free with EntryScape Catalog and EntryScape Terms!


Open source for open development

For those who want to dig into the details, you can read more about all the issues with news, bug fixes, changes and more in the release on our open project management and source code hosted at Bitbucket.

You can read more about EntryScape Free on our website and test it for free. A changelog with everything that is new can be read here. For those who are interested in issues including bug fixes related to this version of EntryScape, you can read here.