BUP and MetaSolutions are pleased to announce an ongoing collaboration to promote the use of the EntryScape platform in Italy.

BUP Solutions, experts in Linked Data, and MetaSolutions have entered into a partnership to promote the use of EntryScape for advanced Linked Data solutions in Italy.

EntryScape is an open-source software that helps you collect, manage and visualize your data. It consists of several modules and is available as Software as a Service (SaaS). It is natively based on the Linked Data paradigm and Semantic Web standards, making it easy to create and maintain catalogues that are fully compliant with Italian and European standards and regulations, including the latest EU Open Data directive and related High-Value Datasets Implementation Act.

Thanks to the collaboration between the two companies, EntryScape already meets the requirements of today’s Italian metadata profile DCAT-AP_IT, necessary to document your (open) datasets according to the recent Open Data Guidelines published by the Italian Digital Agency (AGID). EntryScape is highly configurable so it is easy to configure support for other metadata profiles.

– EntryScape is already used to manage data catalogs in the public sector in Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland, as well as by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. The user-friendly platform, along with our high expertise and knowledge in Linked Data, will contribute to attracting many users in Italy as well, says Eric Hjelmestam, CEO of MetaSolutions.

Let it grow also in Italy! If you are a public administration or a private company interested in facilitating your (open) data catalog management, contact us for further information. You can test DCAT-AP-IT already today on EntryScape Free.

EntryScape @ BUP: entryscape@bupsolutions.com
EntryScape for test and evaluation https://entryscape.com/en/free/