Open data has the potential to provide easier access to important data for everyone. But in order to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, organizations need to start publishing their data. This will have a positive net effect for everyone and the country’s competitiveness will be strengthened.

The term “open data” has a different meaning depending on who you ask. In most cases, it has a positive ring to it. It is not just about tangible benefits for the individual user, but positive consequences for society as a whole. Open data is an example of when there is no contradiction between the individual’s and the majority’s profit.

What is open data all about?

It is all about making accessible information easy to attain, with permission to re-use. The information should be described and classified with data. In addition, there is a guarantee that the information is accurate and somewhat frequently updated.

The concept of open data is an agreement of quality and a promise. It minimizes the risk for those who consume open data. One should be able to trust the solutions for open data.

So, what information can be made available as open data and what can it be used for? Here are two examples:

  • Invoices for purchases in the public sector, If such information is easily available, journalists and individual citizens can control how public procurement is carried out. It reduces the risk of, for example, very expensive socks in healthcare.
  • Information about nature is made available in a structured way in order to get a glimpse of how the environment is feeling. Today, this information is spread across a large number of authorities and municipalities, which makes it difficult to analyze.

There are countless examples of open data. Today, most of it revolves around the public sector, but the possibilities and sources are basically endless.

Unleashing the potential

In addition to standardization and technical solutions, it is all about a change of attitude. Instead of focusing on obtaining data for personal use, ask yourself how you can make your own data available?

If everyone does their part, it will be easier to attain data, with a net saving of working hours as a natural consequence. In the end, it is all about competitiveness. New data that is made available creates an opportunity for new products and services. Services that are created in close collaboration with publishers. Being at the forefront of publishing open data is key if you want your country to stay competitive.