The new version of EntryScape gives you a new filter for showing your high-value datasets. In this blog post we tell you more about this and other improvements where we celebrate the new version EntryScape that is released and is rolled out to customers. These are the highlighted news are brought up in this update.

Filter for high-value datasets datasets and dataservices
Now you have the possibility to filter High Value Datasets and data services directly in your workflow. You find this filter at the Dataset list in EntryScape Catalog. This is an additional improvement after the introduction of support for High Value Datasets (HVD) in EntryScape 3.10.

Improvements to Maps with scale line and controls

Visualizations of maps now get some more functionality. With the latest release, every map has a scale line added to every visualization. You also get consistent map controls on what to show, as well for color and outline.

Improved error handling for dialogs

Before the introduction of snackbars, almost no updates after a completed action were shown in EntryScape. All error messages were also shown on a specific error page with a broken view saying that an error had occurred. With EntryScape 3.12, you now get a snackbar popup saying that you encountered an error. This is similar to when you have saved an entity e.g. a dataset or suggestion in EntryScape.

Loading buttons to avoid accidentally multiple entries

Perhaps you have created duplicate entities in EntryScape by mistake before now. EntryScape now shows a message that it is loading your desired action to help you avoid starting to work on a duplicate entity.

Stricter password requirements by default

EntryScape recently received tougher requirements for password changes. This updated requires even more stricter requirements for password set by a user in the EntryScape application. You can of course still have an entirely customized password policy requirement for your organization or use a Single Sign-On solution.

Try the latest version on EntryScape Free

You can test the new version for free on EntryScape Free with EntryScape Catalog and EntryScape Terms!


Open development for open data

EntryScape is an open source software for smart information management. Since 2014, EntryScape has evolved to become the market-leading solution for metadata, open data and shared data in Sweden. As EntryScape grows, new updates are regularly released. Here we describe the improvements with the latest version.

If you want to dig into the details, you can read more about all the issues in the release with new functionality, bug fixes, changes and more on our open project management and source code hosted at Bitbucket.

You can read more on our website about EntryScape Free and test it for free. You can read the changelog with all highlighted changes here. If you are interested in reading about issues, including bug fixes related to this version of EntryScape – read more here.