GDPR and Schrems II complicate data retention – EntryScape complies with all laws

EU legislation such as the GDPR and numerous court rulings on how to apply the laws make several things clear. Firstly, that data considered sensitive, such as personal data, cannot be stored or shared anywhere not considered legally OK, without consent. Secondly, it is not enough for the data to be physically located in an approved country. A company providing data storage must also not be headquartered in a non-approved country or be subject to the legislation of such a country. Thirdly, it needs to be clarified how some laws should be interpreted and applied.

EntryScape complies with all data retention laws.

MetaSolutions, the company behind the linked data solution EntryScape, has carefully chosen data storage to a German company with high security, and the data centres used are located in the EU and thus have EU-based owners. This means that data storage with EntryScape by MetaSolutions, including personal data about users, is stored in a way that complies with all legislation. While the handling of data securely and legally correct does mean increased costs for MetaSolutions, customers can rest assured that data is handled correctly and safely.

What does your organization gain when you use Entryscape?

Data is stored in approved countries

All data handled with EntryScape is stored in Sweden, Finland and Germany, by third party providers with EU based ownership. This means that all possible interpretations of all data storage legislation applicable in EU and Sweden are met.

No risk of fines

As a result of the way data is stored with EntryScape, organizations using the service are free from doubt and free from risking fines and penalties for not complying with data retention legislation such as GDPR.

Provides Credibility

Users of EntryScape by MetaSolutions can say with a clear conscience that data is handled in a way that complies with legislation. This is especially important for EU-based organizations regardless if public sector state authorities, regions, municipalities, private sector corporations or civil sector NGOs. There are no problems with overseas legislation such as FISA 702-legislation in USA or NIL-legislation in China.

Why does this benefit you and your organization?

Comply with legislation

  • No risk of fines and penalties

  • No need to spend resources on controlling data storage

  • Credibility with citizens, customers and other stakeholders

Safer operation

  • MetaSolutions has complete control over operations and data storage

  • MetaSolutions can introduce improvements to EntryScape quickly

  • Faster and better support if needed


  • The management of Open Data in itself is a guarantee that laws concerning personal data are followed

  • No need to research and analyze how data is stored

  • If the data is classified as open, it is known that it is not to be considered sensitive


  • Guarantee of legal compliance for the future

  • No risk of data being transferred to other non-compli countries during operation

  • No risk of data being moved to other countries permanently

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