Build an own measurement station for air quality data (particular matter). On November 20 you are invited to join a workshop in Stockholm to build your own particulate matter sensor. Why? Because together we can quickly get coverage of real time air quality data by just installing a measurement station at home.

Today only two Nordic based sensors are delivering crowd sourced air quality data, one in Sweden and one in Finland. We hope to get over 20 after the upcoming workshop at the Nordic Open Data Forum. We want you to join the workshop and leave with a working sensor to be installed at your home or office.

Your sensor will continuously report particular matter measurements such as PM2.5 and PM10 to the initiative, where anybody can get details of air quality from your sensor or a group of sensors.

MetaSolutions will sponsor the workshop with the necessary parts for building up to 25 sensors. The workshop is arranged as part of the Nordic Open Data Forum.

You don’t need any special skills, just commit to install the sensor you built and start delivering data.


Hope to see you there!


The MetaSolutions Team