Matthias Palmér from MetaSolutions will on behalf of the Swedish agency VINNOVA participate in the Share-PSI workshopp and monitor the development of the DCAT-AP standard from a Swedish perspective, including:

  • What’s new in the latest proposed version of the standard, DCAT-AP1.1.
  • Consequences of DCAT-AP1.1 for the further development of ö
  • Progress on the development of a profile for the GIS area, GeoDCAT-AP.
  • The development of the European Data Portal (EDP).

MetaSolutions also hope to share some of the practical experience gained while working on ö and the development of EntryScape Catalog (formerly DCAT-AP manager) – the first full-fledged DCAT-AP editor in the world.

Do not hesitate to contact Matthias if you have questions or suggestions for topics to be discussed at the workshop.