Update: We have also developed a VoID editor.

We just developed a proof of concept editor for editing data catalog descriptions according to the Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) W3C recommendation. The editor is driven by the RDForms javascript library which uses templates to generate HTML Forms to edit RDF.

DCAT-editor(Edit the form and see the results in the presenter and RDF data tab. Or do the opposite, edit the RDF directly and see how it looks in the Editor tab.)

Since the DCAT standard reuses a lot of vocabulary from DCMI Terms, FOAF, ODRS existing templates could be reused and tweaked to fit the needs of DCAT. A new template was only needed to handle new (DCAT specific) terms and to bring everything together into one big form.

The aim of the RDForms javascript library is to make it easy to support editing of RDF expressions in various webb-applications. With this proof of concept editor we hope to show the strengths of RDForms and demonstrate how it can be applied to a very specific RDF expression.