Hannes Ebner and Matthias Palmér at Hack4Europe! in Stockholm. (BY-NC-SA by Kristina Alexanderson)

Hannes Ebner and Matthias Palmér from MetaSolutions participated in the “Hack4Europe!” competition in Stockholm which has been arranged by the Swedish National Heritage Board in the context of the Europeana project. The goal of the competition was to show the potentials of the Europeana content and APIs by building applications to showcase the social and business value of open cultural data.

During the hack day the MetaSolutions team developed a showcase which allows for adding resources directly from a Europeana search result to a user’s personal portfolio for further enhancement with educational metadata (or, depending on the use case, some other metadata also in a non-educational context).

Technically, this means searching and caching metadata described using the Europeana Data Model and adding educational metadata (e.g. in Learning Object Metadata) on top of it. Everything is integrated into the Confolio interface and the end user does not have to know anything about where the metadata originates from, which standards are used, etc.

See the following video for a demonstration of our showcase at the end of the competition:

Further information

Screenshot of the demonstrated Europeana showcase.

More detailed technical information can be found in Hannes Ebner’s blog post on the Hack4Europe! participation. Also, the Hack4Europe! web site has an own web page with a summary of MetaSolutions’ contribution.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.