A consortium consisting of Linköping University, Statistics Sweden, MetaSolutions AB and Malmö University has been awarded a grant from the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) within its Open Data initiative.

The project “Linked Open Data in Sweden – portal and national statistics” aims to promote the form of Open Data that is referred to as Linked Open Data. This is done through two complementary aims:

  1. to establish a central datasource in Sweden that can act as a hub for other initiatives around Linked Data in Sweden, and
  2. to establish a Swedish web portal concerned with Linked Open Data, containing information about Swedish linked open datasets as well as explanations of what Linked Data is and best practices on how to publish linked datasets.

The dataset we will publish is a classification database from SCB (Statistiska centralbyrån, “Statistics Sweden”), which contains a large amount of classification concepts that are used within the statistical data published by SCB. Such a datasource constitutes a huge value, since it can contribute to the linking of previously unrelated datasets (not explicitly referring to each other) but that become linked by all referring to this central “hub” similar to DBpedia.

The primary advantages of publishing data as linked data are

  • increased data interoperability,
  • that data is prepared and ready for uses that are not foreseen at design-time, and
  • that data is published in formats that enable automatic (machine) access and utilization of data.

We believe that this new paradigm, i.e. linked open data, has the potential to revolutionize the way we view open data and how open data will be published in Sweden in the future.

The project will be launched in September and more information will be released as the work progresses.