The Norwegian government continues its work on data management. A new nationwide pilot project strives for extended use of DCAT-AP and EntryScape Catalog has been selected.

EntryScape Catalog has been adapted for Difi to carry a full Norwegian UI and support for DCAT-AP-NO, which is Norway’s adaptation of DCAT-AP. EntryScape Catalog has full support for form-based editing of DCAT-AP and allows quick and fault free editing of data.

EntryScape Catalog

Editing a dataset in EntryScape Catalog (click to enlarge)

The project is carried out in cooperation with several public agencies, the Norwegian Mapping Authority, Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, together with five other agencies.

Eric Hjelmestam, MetaSolutions: ”We have been put to use by several public agencies which demonstrates the flexibility of EntryScape Catalog. Both in ease of use and the support for collaboration. Working with Difi gives us very valuable insights that we can use to even further enhance our solution. We are very proud to be part of the project.”

The solution is hosted for Difi and the work is ongoing throughout 2016.

EntryScape Catalog is available as cloud service for public agencies and municipalities in Europe. It is the market leading data cataloging solution with full support for DCAT-AP, tailored for open data users.

The DCAT Application profile for data portals in Europe (DCAT-AP) is a specification based on W3C’s Data Catalogue vocabulary (DCAT) for describing public sector datasets in Europe. Its basic use case is to enable a cross-data portal search for data sets and make public sector data better searchable across borders and sectors. This can be achieved by the exchange of descriptions of data sets among data portals.

For more information, please contact Eric Hjelmestam, CEO, MetaSolutions AB, cell +46 707 21 34 49.

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MetaSolutions creates solutions for data management. The main product EntryScape is an information management platform which builds on the Linked Data technology stack. Based on EntryScape, MetaSolutions offers advanced services to customers in both public and private sector. MetaSolutions was founded in 2011 as a spin-off from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.


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