The Stockholm Green Hackathon took place 21-22 October 2011 at the former reactor hall R1 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Eleven teams of “hackers” created exciting prototypes, web services and mobile solutions for sustainability.

One of the participating teams came from Agro-Know Technologies in Athens, Greece. During the hackathon the Agro-Know team developed an application for education in sustainability which – among other things – uses a repository of educational material based on MetaSolutions’ EntryStore.

The Agro-Know team was so kind to provide us with a summary of their contribution, see below:

Green4Education: Using Green learning resources for the development of online educational pathways

Two members of Agro-Know Technologies team, namely Giannis Stoitsis and Stavros Gkinis, participated in the “Green Hackathon” event that took place in Stockholm. The goal of the event was to highlight the potentials of the “Open Data”-principles, which make it easier to access “environmental facts”, and which are an important part of decisions with a focus on sustainability in our society.

Searching for environmental learning resources in Organic.Edunet federation

During the hack day the Agro-Know Technologies team developed a showcase to demonstrate how green educational resources of existing learning federations can be used for the development of online pathways that can interconnect the school curriculum with the Natural History Museum’s collections. In the context of Natural Europe project, in which some members of Agro-Know Technologies team are working as external consultants supporting Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET), a pathway authoring tool based on OMEKA platform is developed. This pathway authoring tool allows museum educators to develop innovative online educational pathways using cultural and learning resources.

Annotating an ingested learning resource

During the hack the Agro-Know team developed a module for OMEKA platform that allows the ingestion of environmental learning resources to the OMEKA repository and use of these resources in the generation of online educational pathways. To this end the Agro-Know team used the Solr-based search API of the Organic.Edunet SCAM system provided by MetaSolutions that allow search of resources in Organic.Edunet learning federation.

An online educational pathway for renewable resources

The demostrated use case was a) to search for environmental learning resources in Organic.Edunet federation suitable for the development of educational pathways on the topic of sustainability & resource conservation, b) to annotate the ingested learning resources using the Natural Europe metadata Application Profile (AP) and c) to add these resources as supporting material in an environmental educational pathway. This included searching metadata using the Solr-based search API of MetaSolutions’ EntryStore, mapping them to the Natural Europe metadata AP and adding educational metadata using the pathway authoring tool interface. The Agro-Know team presented the whole procedure for an existing educational pathway about Renewable Energy Sources that was developed in the frame of Natural Europe project. The demo installation and the outcome of this session can be found here (user: greendemo, pwd: greendemo).